Anonymous asked:

I'd just like to say, about people saying your doodle isn't a doodle etc etc, i feel it's kind of unfair to get angry? yes ok, you've worked hard for years and years, and you are amazing at what you do, and i'm not one who would say "that isn't a doodle", but i have also worked hard for 15+ years at drawing and, at best, i am mediocre. sorry, it just kind of upsets me when i see super amazing artists saying stuff like that when they chew people out. please don't be offended by this!!

frenchfrycoolguy answered:

ugh i was talking to somebody about this last night and i am somehow even angrier about it now than i was when i made that post. this is gonna sound angrier than it actually is probably but idc at this point

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why you should make a webcomic and why you can make a webcomic


why should you make a webcomic?

  1. it’s regular drawing practice
  2. you get to draw and develop the universe your OCs live in
  3. you could draw your OCs making out with context
  4. see number 3

how can you make a webcomic?

  1. make a new tumblr
  2. install this theme
  3. post comics as you would on any other tumblr they show up on their own webcomic site

what if nobody sees my webcomic :(

  1. too bad you got to draw your OCs making out and nobody can appreciate your artistic genius obviously the world is not ready for this webcomic genius