jazzumon asked:

I'm happy to say I just went through this whole art blog and 1) i can see an incredible amount of improvement in contrast to some of your first posts here, and 2) can i be wed to your traditional media because holy heck i genuinely need to be married to your art

OMG OMG HI THANK YOU, (I love your art just gotta say this is such an honour I am speechless thank you so much hon <3)

thatpartwhereiart asked:

2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 22 for those artist asks. OuO

Alrighty then!

2: How long have you been drawing?
Well, I´d say all of my life but I didn´t start drawing “seriously” until I was around eleven I guess? And I was even more serious about it when I was fourteen-fifteen because I really wanted to get into the art program.

3: How many classes have you taken?
The funny thing about the art program I go to is that you don´t learn shit. You learn art history, various artists and a whole lot of other theoretical stuff but nothing that really helps you when it comes to practicing it all out sooooo I´d say none. Because I was hoping that we´d have lots of practical classes, break down shapes, shading, drawing humans, drawing faces, animals, angles and have these assignments in the classroom where everyone acctually got to draw, but we don´t soooo no classes. Just theory. And to me, that doesn´t really count.

7: How often do you use references?
Nooooot as often as I probably should since I need to study anatomy a whole lot more X) I think I´ve used references when I´ve doodled out some poses, but haven´t really used them when I draw more serious stuff :/ should prob start tho~

9: How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?
Pfffffft hard one, hmmmm, it really depends a lot on what I´m doing, if I draw on the computer I´d say easily four to five hours? Traditionally I´d say around three eah day??? but it varies of course, It can be one hour, two hours to just like five minutes on bad days.
But it´s important to allow yourself to rest too, rest and take in new expressions til next time you draw uwu
but average? lets say two hours~

10: Are you confident about your art?
I´d like to say I am but as for everyone, my confidence starts to crumble sometimes. I am trying to build up my confidence when it comes to my abilities but hah it´s hard…I´m not confident at all when it comes to colours tho which I´ll try to get better at! I am confident that I´ll keep it up tho, I´ve got way too involved in it to stop!

22: Are you confident that you´re improving steadily?
Eeeeeeh, hmmm, I don´t really know, but I know that I AM improving, like, when I take a look back at where I was from just like one year ago I can see that I`ve actually improved A LOT and that´s what this blog is about! Even when it comes to colouring I´ve improved! Even if it´s just a little bit! So yeah, I think I can be confident about improving my skills even tho there are millions of things that I should practice on, I can only move in my own pace cuz school ain´t teaching me anything, so, yeah, I´m making improvements on my own, and I can take some pride in that!